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About Sports Olympiad Hiroshima

Olympiad Sports Hiroshima is a programme that will develop your child’s ability to participate in a wide variety of sports through self-discovery. They will learn how to perform basic skills, multi-skills and sports specific skills and when and how to apply them.

We provide opportunities for 3 – 18 year-olds to develop their physical and creative skills through sport and play. The programme aims to increase confidence and skills in fundamental movements through high-quality sports experiences leading to physically literate individuals.


Child's movement capabilities and fitness levels.


Skills and techniques required to play a range of games, activities or sports.


Knowledge of how to play and ability to solve challenges in sports, games and activities.


Capabilities including decision-making skills, drive and determination.


Confidence, building relationships, respect for rules and others, and finding solutions to problems.


Motivational skills to challenge themselves and others around them. setting goals and targets to succeed.


Invention and innovation through physical movements and tactical decisions. Confidence to experiment with new skills in a variety of sports.


Confidence to lead warm up and cool down session. Communication skills and public speaking.


New skills and sports through games and social play with coaches and other children.

We teach your kids the skills they need to succeed

Olympiad Sports Benefits

1. Increases long-term participation in sport

2. Transfer abilities to other sports

3. Improve sporting performance

4. Improve health

5. Develop valuable life skills

6. Injury Prevention

7. Improved academic performance

8. Inclusive (everyone can take part)

9. Re-engage children who have lost interest in sports

10. Develops the whole person

We recognise the multiple benefits of doing multi-sport sessions offering more variety. New sports, with more fun, attracting children into a healthy lifestyle. A multi-sports programme allows mixed age groups, mixed ability and fitness levels and girls and boys in the same session. Through playing new sports, all children will start at the same level, then learn and develop at their own rate. Multi-sports coaching develops Competence, Confidence, Connection, Creativity, Character and Caring.A multi-skilled and multi-sport athlete creates a multi-skilled person who has a flexible and adaptable mindset. Developing social and lifestyle skills as well as physical and sport specific.

Meet the coaches


Peter hails from Liverpool in England. He started coaching when he was 16 years old, volunteering to coach at his local Primary school. He then progressed to coaching the local under 15 team when he was 18. Since then he has worked with local clubs, school teams and delivered coaching workshops to secondary and further education students. He worked closely with his local FA to develop the strategic aims of the Football Association.

He graduated with a BSc. Sports Studies Degree in the United Kingdom and has since lived and worked in the U.K., France, Spain and Japan working within Physical Education, sports coaching and English education.

During his time in the UK, he was the Assistant Partnership Development Manager for a county School Sports Partnership overseeing the development of school sports in more than sixty schools across the region including Elementary schools, Junior high schools and High Schools. Through this role he also worked with regional and national governing bodies of sport, local sports clubs, semi-professional clubs and professional clubs.

Since arriving in Japan he has been the lead teacher for the Japanese FA at Osaka J-Green where he taught at Japans Dream Camp for the National Under 12 and Under 13 Girls football teams. Peter has worked in many capacities within the football and sports industry. Previously he was employed as an Operations Manager for a professional English premier league Soccer Schools and English premier league Rugby camps across Japan. His role involved looking after 100 young players between the ages of 6 and 15 during the camps held in Japan, Taiwan and China. He was also responsible for the education program that took place during each course. Working in teams he was responsible for the operations, logistics, finance and working with the professional coaches who came over from England, translators, support staff and local community clubs on a daily basis throughout the year.

He is certified in Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Football, futsal, Golf, Gymnastics, Hockey, Netball, Rugby, Swimming, Dance, Tennis, Outdoor & Adventurous Activities, Speed Agility Quickness, Multi-skills, Long Term Athlete Development, Sports Injuries, First Aid in Sport, Child Protection Policy and  Junior Athlete Mentor & Tutor Training .

Being a firm advocate of sport, Peter has always pledged a total commitment to enhancing sport wherever possible.


Jamie has been living in Japan for 6 years working as the assistant head teacher at a private international language school. He has over 20 years experience of coaching and teaching with both children and adults.

He has qualifications in Sports Science and was a professional swimming teacher in the U.K.

He was a manager and planner for children’s summer sports schools.

He also enjoyed time being the General manager of a hugely popular Japanese restaurant in the U.K.

He is a keen sports fan and plays football with a local football team every week. He is also a musician and you can find him and his band playing around local venues in Hiroshima.

Jamie’s passion for sport with his enthusiasm for education and life combine to give the promise of fun, social and creative coaching sessions.

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